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doug juster   doug@protonelectric.com
03-29-2022 5:51:15 AM EST
Morning I have tried a few times to contact you thru Auto trader classis with no response I would like to know if the 68 Camaro convertible is still available If so please contact me so I canbuy it

10-25-2021 11:00:54 PM EST
If you still have the 68 Firebird 400 for sale, I would like to discuss driving up from Texas to inspect and purchase.

Anthony G Arndt   arndtanthony@ymail.com
06-29-2021 3:16:06 PM EST
i am interested in the 1968 camaro ss convertible. would like more information. call 304-573-0816.

Jim Bassett   jbassettmd@yahoo.com
06-21-2021 8:17:28 PM EST
I am interested in the BMW Z4 you have. I would like to take a look at it if it is still available. Thank you.

John Spates   astrospates@gmail.com
12-02-2020 12:06:17 AM EST
i am intersted in the 73 formula, i cant get anyone to answer the phone or email me back?

Larry Ostang   lemo76@centurytel.net
04-17-2017 8:26:41 PM EST
I am interested in the 1973 Pontiac Formula 400 4 speed. I am trying to figure out when I can drive down to look at it and possibly drive it within next week or two. I live up in Lorain, OH. What's best day during week to visit? Is vehicle at the Oak St address? Please advise.

Joe R
04-26-2016 11:43:23 AM EST
I purchased Allen's 1969 Cyclone CJ 428 recently. I can attest to Allen's honesty and to simply being genuine. I love the car and consider it an investment myself (it's not going anywhere anytime soon though, I have some miles to put on it). Joe

Duff Parsons   corvetduff@aol.com
02-03-2015 7:08:46 PM EST
Allan, Have tried to contact you regarding your Father's Healey. Bob Dowell referred me to you. I have a client that is interested in your vehicle. I've known you Dad since 1969 and was always a guy you wanted to spend time with. I am sorry for your loss. Duff Parsons Alliance Auto Appraisals. 614-267-7838

James Ward   jjward13@yahoo.com
12-16-2014 2:20:28 PM EST
You have some really rare and outstanding cars. It's always a joy to see these cars live on. You obviously have a great eye from rare cars.

John Siemens   jhnsiemens@yahoo.com
11-03-2013 11:29:06 AM EST
I will be through Ohio in the next 2 weeks and would like to look at your 1969 merqury cyclone if you still got it. Where is this car located ?

bill reimer   billreimer01@yahoo.com
10-09-2013 12:14:57 AM EST
I'm interested in your 73 trans am. wondering if you may have any photos of the under carriage and trunk area?

Robin R.
09-18-2013 1:52:44 PM EST
Interested in Ford van E-350 condition, etc. Thanks, Robin

allen   arelicman@aol.com
09-15-2013 12:05:05 PM EST
IS the 1967 corvette still available?

Robin Clifton   happytrailsgiants@aol.com
04-24-2013 8:05:32 AM EST
I want to find out if the Ford conversion van is still available. Please let me know ASAP! Thank you!

Mark   darkmark365@aol.com
04-15-2013 9:33:52 AM EST
This is my 72 Olds CS 442 with husrt shifter and 455 rocket. She has 80,000 and runs great. Looking to get a ball park estimate as to the value. due to unforseen circumstance I will be having to find a new home for her.

Robin Clifton   happytrailsgiants@aol.com
02-17-2013 9:39:42 PM EST
I am interested in the conversion van. I don't suppose you have financing? My banks won't loan on that age of a van! But I love it. Had one 10 years ago.

dane cook   bartondane@hotmail.com
01-30-2013 8:34:12 AM EST

I'm HAVING to sell my car. Original owner, gifted to me from my parents ( '97) '70 Olds Cutlass conv . .455 mtr, all orig. 206K mi. . . please help Dane

dane cook   bartondane@hotmail.com
01-30-2013 8:33:07 AM EST

dane cook   bartondane@hotmail.com
01-30-2013 8:32:07 AM EST

Todd   toddandmelania55@yahoo.com
06-21-2012 9:41:31 AM EST
I am really impressed with all the details on each classic automobile listed, I am really interested in the 67 vette, and it's only in a matter of time when I will be getting in touch with you on this excellent piece of machinery.

Allen   unitedmeats@sbcglobal.net
11-11-2011 5:11:44 PM EST
Awesome website, dude!