When I was 17 years old, all my friends and I drove our parents' cars.  Andy drove a 1975 Rally Sport,  Bruce a '74 Z-28, George a '73 Z-28, John a '72 GTO, Tim a '73 Cougar, Bill a '71 Formula 400, Matt a '79 Mirage and I drove a '71 Lemans Sport convertible.  On Friday night, each of us literally drove 125 MPH down Rt. 161 in our respective cars to get where we were headed.  We each had a CB radio so we could all communicate and avoid the law.  Now that was living the dream!

20 years later after college and working the 9 to 5, my friend Tim came to my house and threw down a manila folder on the table and inside was a picture of a 1973 Pontiac Trans Am. He said he was going to buy one.  I was floored....what a beautiful car and boy, did it bring back a flood of memories.  3 weeks later I found the car of my dreams; a 1973 Buchaneer Red 455 4-speed Trans Am.  Wow, I was forever hooked on buying cars.  A year later I bought a 1970 RS/SS 396 4-speed Camaro, then a '67 Corvette, a '70 Hemi 4-speed Cuda, a '67 GT-500 Shelby Mustang, a '69 Boss 429, a '65 Cobra, and the list goes on.

Today, after buying and selling investment cars for 24 years,  I decided to formally start United Classic Muscle in my home town of Columbus, Ohio.  I hope you enjoy and appreciate the quality of investment cars I buy;  I have put alot of time, research and enthusiasm into each and everyone of them.  I buy only numbers matching investment cars, otherwise, in my opinion, it's not an investment.  Please view the verticle menu bar and see some of the past investment successes for yourself.  I find investment cars for the investor and the enthusist.  I'm always looking for more investment cars of the same quality and rarity and will present them for sale accordingly.  If you don't see what you're looking for, call me at 614-371-0650 or email me at my meat & seafood company at UNITEDMEATS@SBCGLOBAL.NET and I will find it for you.  Thank you for reading this and enjoy!  Allen